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Raise the Roof supports vulnerable children living in a South African township. 


We raise funds to support a children’s home, which provides crisis housing to around 25 of the children most at need.  Many of them are AID’s orphans, but all are in desperate need of love and safety.  We also work with the local community to identify other children in need of support and raise funds to help them achieve specific aims.  For example, we try every year to raise the money to send around 60 of the township’s children to school, paying their fees and for their uniforms and stationery.  


Our focus is on supporting the children throughout their childhoods, not only providing care and safety but also helping provide skills and training, to ensure they have the best chance of becoming self-supporting, successful adults.  


The problems in South Africa are huge and to think about tackling them all at once is mind blowing. We are not out to change the world.  Instead our hope is that by concentrating on helping one deeply ambitious community we can make a difference by helping them find opportunities to become successful and to make their community a better place to live.  

Our Purpose

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