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"In 2004 I went to South Africa.  There I met Lindiwe.  Two years on and I was the chair of Raise the Roof and Lindiwe was caring for 27 children. 


Lindiwe’s township is densely populated, with a population of approximately 17,000.  There is a high rate of unemployment, poverty and sexually transmitted disease.  This results in many children finding themselves alone.  I have met 8 year old children raising younger siblings.  


There is only one word to describe Lindiwe - amazing! She lives with her husband and own four children but when I met her she was caring for four more, mostly AIDS orphans. 

Raise the Roof supports vulnerable children living in a South African township. 


We raise funds to support a children’s home, which provides crisis housing to around 25 of the children most at need.  Many of them are AID’s orphans, but all are in desperate need of love and safety.  We also work with the local community to identify other children in need of support and raise funds to help them achieve specific aims.  For example, we try every year to raise the money to send around 60 of the township’s children to school, paying their fees and for their uniforms and stationery.

Raise the Roof's four trustees are extremely committed to its cause and undertake the majority of the charity's fundraising activities personally.  


The trustees also personally cover any administrative or overhead costs which the charity incurs to ensure that all of the funds raised for the charity are spent on the children, furthering the charity's aims.